Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Memos, Mail, Me on a Monday - the best convention ever edition

Once again it is Monday so it is time to go and give a little wave to Sian over at From High in the Sky.  I am recovering from a wonderful convention, our third convention at Port Zelande, Netherlands (sixth time for the band) and then a glorious extra five days spent in NL.  I am not feeling the blues too much because at the end of the month I get to do the UK convention in Leicester (it will be after that I get the post convention depression).

For me this shot sums up the awesomeness of the whole weekend - three amazing gigs by a band that just somehow keep getting better and better, shared with 3,000 people from all over the world.  (photo by the super talented Phil Slessor).

And when we weren't at gigs we were socialising, catching up with some of those friends we only get to see every two years.  I even learnt how to do a little crochet, the weekend always supports a different charity and Denise and Margriet made lots of roses to sell.  On the Friday afternoon they held a crochet-along and offered to teach people how to make the rose brooches.

We also made time to eat cake -

 And exchanged little gifts

Sadly all good things do have to come to an end - we were very grateful that the convention ran for four days instead of the usual three but on the Monday morning we had to say farewell to our lovely cottage mates and we then made out way to Nijmegen to catch up with old friends and spend a few days enjoying the Netherlands.  The weather was glorious and I sat out on our hotel balcony enjoying the first strawberries of the year - not what I was expecting to do on 28th March!!

I finally made it the Keukenhof - I have always wanted to see the beautiful gardens here and I was not disappointed.  Sadly this was the only bad weather day that we had - it stayed dry but was pretty cold and windy.  But it meant that the park was fairly quiet and Mr P didn't get too hot pushing me around in the chair.

This is me with Nijntje (or Miffy as we call her in the UK).  I learnt that she is a Dutch creation which explained why there were lots of models of her around the park.

And then on Saturday we had to make the journey home, we had a good journey and ended up on a shuttle an hour earlier than intended.

Killing 35 minutes in the shuttle with silly selfies!!

And now I am back home, this Monday finds me catching up with laundry, taking a food delivery from Mr Tesco (the freezer was virtually empty) and frantically preparing for a retreat next weekend.

I am going to dash now, there is so much to do and pack before this Friday.  If you get a chance do go and give a wave to Sian!!
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