Sunday, 12 September 2010

A relaxing treat!!!

Oh dear my recent spa break at Champney Springs seems to be a dim and distant memory now and I have just realised that I never did do an update here.

As usual we had a lovely time and it was great to meet up with Joyce and Linda who we meet there every year.  We had quite a few laughs and as usual were pretty noisy.  We even moved mattresses between bedrooms one evening as my mattress was too soft and the one on the spare bed in Nicky's room was much firmer - sadly I was a bad scrapbooker and didn't get any pictures of Bodge It and Scarper (as we christened Joyce and Linda) who assisted us with the removals.   We did get some great pictures though of Carol having a siesta in the lounge and the elegant efforts of Linda and Nicky to get out of the beanbags gracefully LOL.

The Face of Champneys 2010

Sorry Carol but if you fall asleep in a public place you are just asking for someone to take a piccie LOL!

Ladies What Lunch

Our last lunch together before leaving

Linda's Backward Roll method for getting off a beanbag

Nicky's slightly more graceful forward flip method to get off the beanbag

They put something in the air at Champneys that makes you so sleepy all the time

Nicky and Carol

Mayhem in the lounge

Thank goodness it was our last day otherwise we might have been asked to leave!!!


The Gang!!

On our best behaviour for the final piccie
Joyce, Nicky, Me, Linda and Carol

I look forward to going again next year - several members of staff have threatened to be away on holiday that week - I can't think why????


  1. looks like a right laugh a minute. looking forwards to the los :)

  2. Looks like you had a really great time Karen. Fab photo's!

  3. Hmm looks like you all had a good time! I haven't been to a Spa in years, I wonder if I could drag Dr Tempewytch off for a week )and could they cope with me on crutches and my nut allergy?)

  4. And looks like a thoroughly good time was had by all!!!!



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