Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My month in numbers - July 2012

It's the start of another month so time once again to join in with Julie Kirk and her My Month in Numbers feature.

Of course my most important numbers to announce are that it is now only 218 days till the Marillion convention next March in The Netherlands.

We celebrated 2 anniversaries this month - 20 years since we officially became a couple and 17 years since we got married.  I liked last month how Julie did a comparison of two photos - so here are mine, taken 16 years apart.

17 years ago -

and 1 year ago -

Well I definitely have a lot more hair and poor old Mr P has very little now - I am pretty sure I know who he will blame the hair loss on!!  Dad is even more white and distinguished and Mum still looking really lovely.

We did a round trip of 710 miles so that I could join the Frozen North crafters at their monthly crop in Holystone.  I managed to make 5 layouts in 12 hours and took 1 coffee cake to share between 13 crafters (really not enough so have been asked to bring 2 cakes next time LOL!!!).  We did also visit other friends whilst in the area and did some touristy stuff too.

It has been a productive month - 14 layouts, 10 pairs of earrings, 5 sets of wine glass charms and 8 cards made.

1 new cake recipe tried and 2 lemon dribble cakes made (and no that is not a typo' it is what we call drizzle cake in this house - I promise no saliva was included in the making of the cakes!!!!!).  I used this recipe and it produced the lightest, fluffiest cake I have ever made.

And finally just to show how fast this year is disappearing, I saw this on Facebook on the 4th July

It is now actually only 149 days!!!!!!


  1. Such a happy happy post - it really made me smile. And I *love* the 'dribble' cake!

    Happy Anniversary! And as for Christmas ... I've been working on Christmas magazine issues all summer and, once I've finished 2 more projects that's probably Christmas crafting over + done with for me! [Until the last minute before Christmas Day no doubt!]

    You're all pinned now:

    Have a lovely August!

    Julie :-)

  2. That's a fun, if slightly scary, number to end on :)

  3. Lovely to read your numbers as always, Karen. Belated anniversary wishes to you both and please don't remind me how many days to Christmas again until at least October lol!

  4. what fabulous numbers. I Love the comparison photos too. As for Christmas...very scary.


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