Monday, 24 September 2012

Amethyst & Pearl Bracelet - September's Monthly Make

Sorry I haven't been doing many blog posts recently - I am a bit bogged down with getting ready for my first fundraiser of the year for Children with Cancer Fund next Monday.  So very little crafting has been happening here apart from making stuff to sell on the stall. 

I did last week take a little break from the fundraiser stuff to make something for the Monthly Make Challenge.  I had a couple of broken amethyst chip bracelets that have been languishing in the bottom of a jewellery box for years.  I decided to give them a new lease of life by turning them into a memory wire bracelet and a pair of earrings - I just needed to add some seed beads and freshwater pearls.

I just love it when you can breathe new life into something old - these are currently my favourite bracelet and earrings at the moment.  And now to think of what to make for October - I might just surprise you all and do something other than jewellery!!

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  1. Ive got an identical bracelet to this I bought for £15 a couple years ago lol. you should start going to big craft fairs at the NEC and all that, you'd make a ton!


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