Thursday, 17 January 2013

Back to blogging!!!

Apologies for lack of posts at the moment - on the last two days of our cruise I went down with the horrible cold/flu'y type bug that swept through the ship and have been ill ever since.  I don't think a cold has ever laid me so low before and since getting home Mr P and and my Dad have succumbed to it too.  I haven't felt like doing any crafting since getting home - heck I only did my unpacking yesterday - a record 11 days after getting home.

I'm hoping this weekend that I might feel like doing some crafting.  But in the meantime I will share some more Christmas cards that I haven't put here yet

To speed up my Christmas card making last year I used digi images for some of them and also some Penny Black stickers.  Here are some cards using the Penny Black stickers -

I backed the stickers onto cardstock so that they could be raised up on foam pads.  I also added a load of Stickles to the stickers to give them lots of sparkle.  The background papers are all Craft Creations except the red which is DCWV. 

Hoping to be back soon with some photographs from our cruise - I did some craft classes whilst onboard so when I get a chance I will photograph the stuff that I made.  And with any luck I will get crafting this weekend and get back in the swing of blogging again!!!


  1. Those images look like mini water colours :o) Hope you're feeling better soon Karen xx

  2. Hope you're feeling 100% soon. I've come back to blog reading again and hopefully blogging again soon. Lovely to see all these lovely cards

  3. Sorry you were so ill! I'm glad you have the thought and the hope of crafting to maybe get you moving. Hopefully it's going to be over with soon... and eleven days?? That is a record for you!! :)

  4. So sorry to hear you came down with it too Karen :(, its certainly been miserable hasn't it. Loving the Christmas cards and looking forward to seeing your cruise pics and some more crafting and blog posts from you xx

  5. glad you're feeling better, great cars and cant wait to see photos :)


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Karen xx

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