Wednesday, 10 July 2013

June - My Month in Numbers

Well June was pretty number packed. 

The most important numbers being that we have tickets to not 1 but 2 Marillion gigs in November - only 121 days to go.  We are also seeing Fish (ex-lead singer of Marillion that week too - so something to look forward to - 4 days, 3 hotels and 3 gigs).

Mr P celebrated a very important number birthday in June - 50 years.  He got 17 cards and after a count up of how many people saw fit to mention this on their cards, balloons or badge it came to a grand total of 650!! (this number comes courtesy of Mr P!!)  I got him a Tassimo machine as he loves his coffee and has wanted one for a while - I bought a few pods to get him started - 146!!  We had a quiet day at home on his birthday.

 A week later we went out with 14 family members a week later for a lovely meal at a local pub.

Afterwards we went back to our house for birthday cake and coffee.  I made my first ever rainbow cake which had 5 layers and was topped with a sparkler shaped in a 50.

 The week before his birthday we did a 240 mile round trip to see Paloma Faith in Bournemouth - it took over 3 hours to get there as traffic was very heavy but just under 2 hours to get home in the wee hours.  It was a lovely warm evening and we had time to go for a nice Italian meal before the gig.  We were really impressed with Paloma Faith, it was a very entertaining evening and we would definitely go and see her again.

Craftwise I did 7 layouts, made 9 birthday cards, 2 Christmas cards and 10 thankyou notes.  I also managed 13 blog posts.  Not so much reading this month, I haven't managed to finish a single book.

So that concludes my numbers for June - you can find more numbers for June here and if you would like to find out more about blogging your month in numbers, then hop over to  Julie Kirk's blog to find out how to join in


  1. What a delightful numbers post - sounds like you had a fun month. And delicious looking cake!

  2. Well Mr. P seems to have had a full and happy birthday month! What a great time you all seem to have had. [Not sure I'd have wanted to be trying to get served while all 14 of you were eating though!]

    And ... your numbers wouldn't be the same without a Marillion countdown! I hope they take their responsibility to keep touring [so you have lots of numbers] very seriously!

    Thanks for joining me once again - I've added you to the board now:

    Happy July!

    Julie :-)

  3. congratualations to you Hubby. The cake looks wonderful.

  4. wow that rainbow cake looks amazing!


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