Friday, 1 November 2013

Blogtoberfest Day 31 + 1 - Oooops and Fundraising

Well a big fat fail to me, I missed doing a final post yesterday for Blogtoberfest.  But I do have a very good excuse and nothing at all to do with the dog eating my homework LOL.

I was busy setting all this lot up -

All the weeks of crafting late into the night has led to this day when I run an Open house to raise funds for Children with Cancer Fund.  So far today I have had a steady stream of visitors and I am expecting more this evening.  You will have to wait for my November Month in Numbers to find out how well I have done!!

I've enjoyed Blogtoberfest and look forward to taking part again next year - thank you to Michelle all the way over in Australia for organising it this year xx


  1. Not a fail at all Karen. I managed to miss the start and my OCDness prevented me from beginning late! I hope you had lots of visitors/sales.

  2. Look at all that lovely creativeness :) I hope you had a successful day.

    I wouldn't say you failed at all, I thought you did really well


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Karen xx

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