Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Blogtober 2015

Sadly Cathy has decided to retire Blogtoberfest this year but myself and a couple of friends were all geared up to take part this year.  So we have decided to carry on under the banner of Blogtober, we have all been a bit lax with blogging recently so this is a great opportunity to get us back into blogging again.  I keep a record of all my layouts, cards and other makes in a notebook - I have quite a backlog to be blogged so won't be short of posts.

If you would like to join us then please feel free to join in - all you have to do is blog every day in October.  You can blog about anything you like, the posts can be short and snappy or even wordless - it is entirely up to you.  I have included a linky so if you fancy having a go, add a link to your blog below and I can come and pay you a visit.

Sy from KarmaCraft has kindly made us a little logo so feel free to copy it and use it for your blog posts.

A big thank you to Cathy and her friends who have run Blogtoberfest in the past - I have taken part for the last three years and it has always been very enjoyable and a great way to discover new blogs.


  1. I wasn't planning to join in this year anyway, but I'll be cheering you on :-)

  2. I was all geared up, too, and was so sad it wasn't happening this year. So I'm very happy to join in with Blogtober, yay!! *g*

  3. I always really admire anyone who can keep going for a whole month, so I'll most definitely be cheering you on. Go Karen!

  4. Good for you, I really do take my hat of to you xxx


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