Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Memorandum Monday

Whoops a bit of a belated wave to Sian over at From High in the Sky for Memorandum Monday.

The best thing about the weekend was making a decision about a cruise for next year - we are going to go back to Iceland taking in The Faroes on route.  We have been to Iceland once before but most of our ports of call were cancelled as we got stuck in a huge storm off the coast of Greenland.  So we are hoping for better luck this time.

We had our monthly crop on Sunday but sadly I forgot to take my camera with me, I was reasonably productive and made three layouts.

Monday is a glorious day - it is so good to be able to get all the washing line dried.

The June birchbox was delivered

I started preparing my travel journal and an empty birchbox is perfect for carrying my crafting stuff - I want to keep my supplies to a minimum so if they don't fit into the box they can't go.

This week is all about getting ready for the holiday, there is lots of packing to do and appointments to attend.  Hope you all have a good week!!


  1. Your cruise sounds fantastic! In fact, I admire your holiday choices so much I think I'll get you to pick me somewhere for next year :)

    Wishing you a great week. Hope that sunshine stays around.

  2. Things sound good in your sunny corner of the world. The cruise sounds very interesting. And I like both your little boxes there - what is it about of collection of things that can catch our interest so?


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