Monday, 29 August 2016

Memorandum Monday

Just a quick fly in to give Sian a big wave over at From High in the Sky - the weekend went quickly and was too hot (for me) - thank goodness for portable air conditioning units and yes Mr P does remind me of how I was not amused when I sent him to B&Q for charcoal and he came back with an air conditioning unit.  But on nights when the temperature outside doesn't drop below 20 yet our bedroom is like a fridge I am so happy and I have to apologise (again) for getting grumpy about his spontaneous purchase!!!!!

Today it is not only a bank holiday but it is my birthday so I am having a very lazy day.  Mr P has declined work today and is going to cook later - we would normally go to my favourite restaurant in Eastbourne but they never open on a Monday not even the holiday ones so that is all booked for next Friday.

I baked myself a cake at the weekend - Lemon overload cake as Mr P is very strange and won't eat coffee cake.

I have been blessed with lots of lovely cards

I have some lovely flowers, new jewellery and some lovely crafting goodies (which I hope to play with later).  I also remembered to get a photograph for the summertime photography scavenger hunt,
#21 - a photograph of you with a newspaper or calendar page from the time covered in the hunt.  I actually already have most of the photographs but haven't blogged them yet so I must get on and do that.

Have a great week everyone, my week includes a trip to the hygienist and our first crop in our new venue - looking forward to meeting some new crafty people at that event and I have spread a rumour that I might make a cake LOL!!

PS if you have been looking at my blog for Beat the Christmas Rush I have a confession to make - I have completely forgotten about it - but don't worry I will make some quick cards and get them posted asap!!  In the meantime I'm off to sit on the blogging naughty step!


  1. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

    Enjoy your new crop. I look forward to hearing about it

  2. Well, belated birthday wishes to you. That cake looks yummy.


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