Saturday, 16 October 2010

Cross stitch cards

I love to craft when I go away on holiday but it isn't always practical to take either cardmaking or scrapbooking away with me.  So I always pack some small cross stitch kits to tuck into my handbag - they are very useful for when you are stuck in boring traffic jams or having to wait an extra couple of hours to catch a ferry because you have just missed the one that you were supposed to be on.  I use the small designs to make into cards - here is a small selection that I have done this summer.


  1. Oh they are all beautiful Karen, but I really do love that eeyore one, he's so cute.

  2. Oh my goodness Karen, just HOW lovely are these!!!!! You are so clever ( and patient!) Beautiful

  3. Those are gorgeous Karen! You have so much patience doing all that cross stitch :)

  4. beautiful Karen, I just cannot do cross stitch, I am more cross eyed going it :)


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Karen xx

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