Sunday, 31 October 2010

Shhhhh - I think I am back in blogland

I'm whispering this as I don't want to tempt fate and lose our connection again.  We have been back online again since Thursday after a visit from a very lovely BT engineer.  Before he arrived I suddenly had a connection again but it soon disappeared.  After much testing and fiddling with a new router the connection came back again and so far each day I have managed to get online - lets hope this is the last of our problems.  We still have 16 months of our contract left to run with our ISP so we will be off after that - not sure who with yet but several friends and family have mentioned that O2 are good and have good customer support so we shall see.

So what have I been up to whilst I have had no internet - well I have done loads of reading and read the first four Vampire Diaries books, I am now on book 5 and have book 6 in the pile ready to read.  I have started making my mince pies for the freezer though we have eaten quite a few of them too LOL.  I have an empty ironing basket - a rare achievement for me.  And I have done dreaded housework too.  We have had a five day break in the Lake District but sadly both of us had stinking colds whilst away so didn't enjoy it as much as we should have.

I haven't done any scrapbooking but have made loads of Christmas cards for my second fundraiser which I did on Friday - I will put up some photos of that soon.

We also went to see this band in Eastbourne

I was a big fan of Level 42 in the 80s but never got a chance to see them live so it was great to see them at last.  I had forgotten how much good stuff they had done and it wasn't long until the whole theatre was on its feet dancing.

It was also nice to see a band at our local theatre - we usually have to trek over to Brighton to see anything decent.


  1. Yaaaay good to see you back Karen, so sorry about all the trouble you have had though, hopefully its all sorted now :)
    Good on you for getting so many other jobs out the way though ( I have a huuuuuuge pile of ironing here if you should feel the need to do any more lol)
    Warmest wishes

  2. Glad you are sorted Karen. Nice to see you back

  3. Glad you are back and you got to see 'the level'



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