Saturday, 1 January 2011

Favourite Layouts from 2010

It was a hard job choosing some of my favourite layouts from the year, especially as I had 99 to choose from.

So in no particular order I have managed to narrow it down to 8 faves -

This layout was done for a competition set by Cardinal Colours

This was for a challenge set on UKS and I used a photograph of my mum that had been restored beautifully by  Sarah.  I was inspired by the beautiful distressed layouts that are done by Rachael Elliott.

As soon as I saw this photograph of my god-daughter and her sister the title came straight to me and I knew I had to put it on a layout.  She has seen the layout and would love a copy to go on her wall so that will be a job for the new year.

I just love this photograph of my Dad on the Mon' & Brec' canal - it was a rare photo opportunity as DH is usually on the helm and not on the towpath whilst the boat is on the move.

Of course my faves must include a layout of my favourite band Marillion

Throughout the year I have done some fabulous classes at Cardinal Colours with the lovely Anita aka the Inky Blossom, it has been hard to choose which layout to include as my favourite but I settled for this one as it includes my lovely sister on her 40th Birthday.

Last year saw the addition of a new baby to the family - one of the four legged variety.  My sister is now mummy to the gorgeous Toby - I have never been a huge lover of dogs but this little bundle of joy has certainly won me over - of course it is helped by the fact that he is as nutty as a fruitcake so fits in very well with our family LOL!!

And my final favourite of the year - the layout that took me over into the darkside of distressing and inking.  I have never been a fan of lots of inking and distressed edges on layouts but this class by Louise Stevenson at Sarah's Cards retreat took me miles out of my comfort zone.  You know what -  I kind of enjoyed it and since then have ripped the odd edge, crumpled the odd bit of paper and smudged ink everywhere LOL.  This is the page that we did in class.

Thank you for taking a look at my favourites - I am looking forward to another year of creating and sharing my stuff here.

Karen xx


  1. you are very good at layout! :) love the 1-3rd layout so much..i am totally surprise that you be able to create different style of scrapbook :)

  2. Well done on getting 99 LO's done last year - I wish I had that many to choose from . . lol

    Great LO's Karen, I do really love the vintage one of your mum xx

  3. Wow 99 layouts!! I really am sooooo slow! It is so nice to see everyones favourite layouts up on thier blogs, I have considered doing it too but doubt I will get around to it lol (and I don't even have as many to go through and choose from ;))

  4. 99!!! well done on your total




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Karen xx

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