Monday, 17 January 2011

Silly Christmas Presents

For a few years now my sister's children have been given a budget of a £1 per adult to spend on a Christmas present for the grown ups.  Of course the best place to spend that money is the pound shop and this tradition has now become known as the silly presents.  Each year they try to get us things that are totally stupid and useless.  I also buy presents and so does my mum but we do try to get things that are of some use.  This year we didn't get a chance to all get together until January and the highlight was the opening of the presents.

This is what Uncle Richard got -

For the eagle eyed amongst you yes he did get a pregnancy testing kit and a power ranger cutlery set.  The shower gel and screen wipes are useful (yes I bought those), I will probably use the cookie cutter.  Not sure what we are going to do with the solar powered floating globe light especially as we don't have a pond!!!

And this is what I got -

I will donate the book to a friend's little girl and the gardening gloves are very useful.  I loved my glamour puss washing up gloves and dalmatian set so much that I modelled them straight away.

And here is Dad modelling his Disney Princess hat - he reckons he will wear it on our canal trip in September

And Mum modelling her army hat

She isn't sure yet what occasion she will wear it for but she did get a plastic hand grenade and gun with it too, useful accessories to carry around in your handbag LOL!!!


  1. Use the globe to relax in the bath Karen? lol that made me smile this morning. Looking forward to the layouts that come from these photos

  2. What a fab idea, it looks like you all had lots of fun :)

    Some great photos Karen, great for putting onto a LO!!

  3. What a fun idea!! And I must say you do look glam in your dalmation set and Pussy gloves xx

  4. thats such a sweet idea. love the pregnancy test. lol

  5. LOL what fun! Sounds like you had a blast! xxx

  6. I wouldn't have your mom go thru any airports.

  7. ROFL!!! Did you know that the Royal Family do similar things at Christmas? You're in good company!! Please, please, please don't bring the gun and/or grenade to London should you visit... bad things could happen.

  8. ROFLMAO Oh Karen, what an absolute HOOT! You have GOT TO scrap those


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