Thursday, 8 August 2013

July - My Month in Numbers

It is that time of the month, where I join in with Julie Kirk's Month in Numbers and share some of my numbers from last month.

The most important number of all is how many days till I get my next Marillion fix and it is 92 days.

A new feature of My Month in Numbers is to have a communal count by all the participants, these are the subjects we could choose from for July.

I chose to count what I carry in my handbag - my handbag is always a bit of a joke in our family, despite my back and shoulder problems I don't do small bags.  I cannot travel anywhere light, I am the sort of person that has to take everything just in case.

So here is my bag filled to the brim with stuff

And a closer look at the contents -

And the contents of my make up bag -

My bag contains 28 items including 3 purses, a calculator, perfume, tissues x 2, throat sweets, mints, diary, notebook, 5 pens, hairbrush, fan, phone, sunglasses, peppermint teabags, blue badge, hand cream and make up bag.  And my make up bag contains 15 items including 3 lipsticks, 2 lipbalms, pressed powder, cuticle oil, 3 types of painkillers and other meds.  So a grand total of 43 items!!!!!  Of course if I am out for the day I would also have house keys, Mr P's wallet and Mr P's car keys in my bag too!! 

My crafty numbers for July are 16 blog posts, 4 layouts, 1 mini book, 8 Christmas cards, 6 other cards and 9 memory wire bracelets.

July was a very quiet month with no outings or weekends away, a chance to recharge my batteries for what is shaping up to be a very busy autumn.

If you would like to join in with My Month in Numbers - you can find all the details here on Julie's blog


  1. My bag is like that, in fact i have the same notebook lol

  2. There's something comforting about prepared-for-anything bag packing isn't there? Well, not comforting in the sense of having to carry it all, but you know what I mean. ;-)

  3. Hi Karen - I often end up with James's keys in my bag too! I really don't know how men cope without taking a bag. I love it if he takes his rucksack on a day out ... I get my own back by getting him to carry heavy stuff - like bottles of water + the camera!

    I don't know if anyone so far *didn't* have tissues. We really are a well prepared bunch! You bag is much like mine is when I'm at work - I may need to recount mine once I'm back there in the Autumn.

    It's nice to have a quiet month occasionally - especially when it's been so warm to enjoy just being in your own garden.

    I've added you to the board now Karen:

    Thanks for joining me once again - happy August and a happy Marillion-counting-down to you!

    Julie :-)


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Karen xx

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