Sunday, 5 January 2014

Lovely handcrafted Christmas cards from our friends xxx

We were very blessed to receive some lovely handmade cards from friends - I always give them the best spot to show them off - on the mantelpiece.  I thought I would show off all their lovely craftiness on my blog.

What lucky people we are to receive all these lovely cards -


From Christine -

From Diana in Sweden -


From Lisa -

From Julieanne (would you believe she has only just started making cards!!) -

From Fiona

From Gemma

Lynn's card -

Marion's card -

From Monkey, Darrell and Nigel over at Mum's Monkey

From Sy who cleverly combined her card with her new house details

From Tara -

From Wendy

From Fine Bear Ted - a very charming card featuring himself xxx


And the card that made me laugh the most - this postcard from Lee

And the card that made me cry the most - from our lovely Marillion friends Marie and Tony - when we opened it all this confetti from the UK convention went flying everywhere -

And then the card when pressed inside played this -

Such a beautiful song, but it always makes me cry so much


  1. Thank you for your New Years Card...very sweet!! What a lovely bunch of handmade cards you received, glad you liked mine, hope it wasn't too late...thanks for sharing them all, think that's a really great idea!! TXX

  2. Such beautiful cards from such lovely people too... Lee's arrived just as we were going to my sisters for the weekend and showed big sis and she laughed at it too :D Julianne will be doing demos at craft shows soon!! wow! its amazing and so pleased you liked ours too xxx

  3. How nice is that! So many beautiful cards and that one by Julieanne is STUNNING!! She will go far that girl in card making :)

  4. Lovely cards from all! Happy New Year! xx

  5. Lovely cards from all! Happy New Year! xx

  6. Lovely to see them all gathered here :o)

  7. A gorgeous display - I loved looking at everyone's creativity! x

  8. Such an amazing selection of cards


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