Saturday, 24 May 2014

My Month in Numbers - April

Yikes it is almost June and I still haven't got round to sharing my April numbers - better quickly get them blogged right now.  Month in Numbers is hosted by Julie Kirk

April saw the start of the decorating of the hall and the downstairs cloakroom.  Not a very big area but it is so bitty, that it is taking ages to do.  We have spent 6 days on it so far and now waiting for Mr P's next weekend off to get it finished.

1 gig this month - the fab Manic Street Preachers - a brilliant night!!

Easter saw me getting not 1, but 2 easter eggs.

I baked Mr P 1 Dundee cake as he didn't want chocolate this year.

I found out that I had been an Avon rep for 20 years.

Dad had 2 follow up appointments with the cochlear implant team in London - things are going really well!!

I sent 6 parcels of Tassimo discs to Terracycle - the parcels contained over 1,500 discs.  In the last 4 months I have sent 5,160 discs to them raising £57.99 for a local charity.

Crafting I have done -
  • 4 cards
  • 14 Christmas cards
  • 7 layouts
I have 3 countdowns -
  • 97 days to my big birthday
  • 321 days to the UK Marillion convention
  • 300 days to the Port Zelande Marillion convention
This is what we missed at last year's convention -

If you want to join in with Month in Numbers, you can find out how here


  1. 20 years an Avon rep!!! I'm so impressed x

  2. Great blogging Mrs P :)

  3. The upheaval and mess will be worth it, once it's done. Some nice things to look forward to at the end of those countdown numbers.

  4. I hope the decorating's all done now Karen. It really can drag on can't it?!

    That cake looks lovely ... but I'm baffled by those Tassimo discs! Where have they all come from? How much coffee is that? [That said .... I've never counted up my tea consumption in a month ... yet!]

    Good to hear that your Dad's progressing well! x

    You're on the board now Karen [you know your always welcome whenever you post your post!]:

    May June bring you + yours many good things!

    Julie :-)

  5. Argh, I think blogger just ate my comment...

    I really enjoyed reading your round up. I'm another one fascinated by the tassimmo discs..


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