Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Month in Numbers - May 2014

As always I am pretty late to the Month in Numbers party , every month I mean to start the post early in drafts and it just never seems to happen.  Anyway no excuses, here is a snapshot of May reflected in numbers -

430 mile round trip on a bank holiday weekend to spend 1 evening in the company of loads of our Marillion friends and see the fabulous Stillmarillion.

(Photos taken by the lovely Phil Slessor xx)

It has only taken us 11 years to get round to hanging these curtains up in our kitchen - not sure now if I even want them up as they do seem to hide a lot of the light.

Another 3 days of decorating in the hall/downstairs cloakroom (sorry no photos yet as I am still waiting for the floors to be done)

Fairly busy with crafting - 2 memory albums, 4 layouts, 5 cards, 6 Christmas cards

And my countdowns -

64 days to the big birthday!!

267 days to the Marillion European convention


288 days to the Marillion UK convention

If you want to take part in Julie Kirk's Month in numbers you can find out how right here


  1. Busy, busy, busy ... But it sounds like you've had a good month. I did giggle at the curtains though :)

  2. Wow x what a true Marillion fan you are x

  3. 11 years to finish a job in the house? That sounds very familiar to me!! I'd like to have the colours that indicate the sink's taps are hot/cold swapped around. They were put on the wrong way *years* ago ... and while *I* know that hot is cold and cold is hot ... I always worry when someone new visits!!

    Sounds like your decorating is getting there though - it does take up so much of your life doesn't it? Even when you're not actively painting etc ... you're cleaning around it or stepping over something that doesn't belong in the middle of a passageway or something!

    I truly hope I don't forget to wish you a happy big birthday when the time comes ... keep up that countdown!

    Your month is safely pinned to the Month in Numbers board with the other number crunchers now Karen:

    Here's to a bright and happy July!

    Julie x


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Karen xx

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