Friday, 15 August 2014

My Month in Numbers - July

July was a very busy month - we spent 6 lovely days in The Netherlands staying with friends in Nijmegen.  Whilst we were there the 4 days march (Vierdaagse) was taking place.  Over 42,000 people took part and 39,910 people completed the 4 days of walking.  The minimum distance that is walked each day is 30 km, up to 50 km maximum.  Servicemen have to do at least 40 km carrying a 10 kg marching kit.  On the Wednesday the route passed close to our friends' house so we went out to cheer on all the Brits taking part - lots of British Army regiments were there, also the London Metropolitan Police and loads of venture scout units. 

The weather was hot, hot, hot whilst we were there - temperatures got up to 35C the day we went to Amsterdam.  So we stayed nice and cool in the Rijksmuseum, the air conditioning for the paintings suited us just fine!!

Us with Rembrandt's De Nachtwacht

On our return home it was our turn to play host to a lovely couple from Sweden who we have met through our love of the band Marillion.  We had a fab 3 days with Darren and Diana.

We celebrate 2 anniversaries in July - 22 years since we became a couple and also our 19th wedding anniversary.

Craftwise I haven't done so much this month, just 2 mini books, 4 layouts and 10 cards.

And my regular countdowns that I feature every month -

216 days to the Marillion convention in Port Zelande, Netherlands

238 days to the UK Marillion convention

And only 14 more sleeps till my big birthday!!!!!

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  1. Another busy month for you & R, lovely to hear you enjoyed yourselves so much with friends!! Congrats on both your Anniversaries...looking forward to seeing all your big birthday celebration photos!!! Txx

  2. I could just say "ditto"! Well said, Tara! :lol: x

  3. Oh Karen, I *love* the idea that you were literally 'chillin' with Rembrandt! And how nice of the walkers to pass right by where you were staying so you had entertainment on tap. I've never heard of the event before now.

    Your July is pinned to the Month in Numbers board with those from all the other numerical list-makers now:

    Here's to a happy-August ...I'm sure it's only going to get better [I'll look forward to the birthday statistics! Got to count all those presents!]

    Julie :-)


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