Monday, 14 December 2015

Me on Monday - the one where we had Christmas Dinner 12 days early

It was a busy weekend, with the realisation that there are only 6 packing days left (and now there are only four - yikes!!), but also a weekend with some relaxation too - a chance to put my feet up with Mum, a bottle of Prosecco and Strictly semi-finals on the TV.  Yes we are both thrilled to bits that Anton is finally in a final and a little sad that we won't see it next weekend but it will be recorded and even though we won't be able to avoid the result we will still enjoy catching up with it in the New Year.

I finally finished most of the Christmas Cards and got them all written, addressed and stamped

 Only another 3 left to make and get posted!!

It was also the weekend where I decided that we would have a Christmas dinner instead of the normal roast - a nice surprise for Mr P to find the table decorated for Christmas, roast turkey instead of the usual chicken or gammon and crackers and pink champers too.

So Monday has found me running round wondering if I will get everything done before we set off on Friday, tackling the usual weekly laundry and one last trip to the chiropractor to get me match fit LOL!!  Thank goodness for to do lists - without them I cannot see the wood for the trees!!

Right I had better get on and get the rest of those cards finished, then they can be posted tomorrow.  If you want to see what the rest of the Mondayers are up to, then drop by to say hello to Sian over at From High in the Sky.

There is just one thing left for me to do and that is to wish you an early Happy Christmas - have a good one and I look forward to getting back more to more regular blogging in the new year.

Cheers (hic)


  1. You have a wonderful Christmas!

    It's been a real pleasure catching up with you on a Monday this year x

  2. Happy Christmas to you Karen. I agree lists make such a difference in getting things done. You both look very jolly in your paper crowns. See you in the New Year.

  3. Happy Christmas, have a really lovely time whilst you're away :-)

  4. Hope I'm not too late to wish you a fabulous time over Christmas. Enjoy!


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Karen xx

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