Monday, 18 January 2016

Memorandum Monday

It is still just about Monday so I need to share what was new about my weekend.

It was a fairly quiet one with the usual Saturday visit to my parents - full of moans now there is no Strictly to watch and deciding that there is nothing but rubbish on tv on a Saturday.  Sadly none of us got any new DVDs at Christmas!!  I did get some excitement in the post - our new cruise loyalty cards.  We always cruise with Fred Olsen and during the last cruise we moved from Silver membership to Gold.  So we now have new Gold cards and luggage labels as well - not bad as we have only been cruising for 11 years and sometimes only do one cruise every 2 - 3 years - we have clocked up 116 cruise nights in total.

I christened a new stamp at the weekend - sssshhhhhh I have only had it in my stash for a year - a bargain in last year's sales and I have only just got it inky.

Now I know it is only January but I do need to start thinking about Christmas cards - I need over 100 for myself plus I will be making cards to sell for Children with Cancer Fund again.  I will be running Beat the Christmas Rush again on the blog so I need to think about making something to show on 25th.

So that was my weekend, I have a busy week ahead with a theatre trip to see Blood Brothers, seeing the local am-dram group's panto and a post-Christmas meal out with other volunteers from the charity.  And then on Friday I am off to Arundel on a new retreat - I had better start thinking about what to pack.

If you want to find out all about Memorandum Monday then pop over to From High in the Sky and give Sian a wave!!


  1. Ooh Gold eh? Will they roll out the red carpet for you now? :) the stamp looks very intricate and pretty. Have a good week.

  2. Congratulations on being made GOLDen in your cruising. I like your new stamp (wink wink). I have vowed that this year I will make Christmas cards. I have been so inspired by your cards & many others I have seen. I thought if I started in July I could be done by December, you starting now has me rethinking this, (lol).

  3. Ooh, fancy! I bet you get some nice perks with your gold card. I'm cheering you on with your Christmas card making because you do such good work and make lots of money :)

    Sounds like a nice week ahead.

  4. I'm very envious of your cruises, they do look wonderful and very relaxing. I hope to try one, one day. Lovely stamp too Carol and such a worthy cause - well done you xxx

  5. Gold...very swish!! Good luck with the card making. Enjoy your trips out this week. Txx

  6. How swish ... Go you.

    Good for you thinking about Christmas cards already. No point in leaving it too late and getting stressed

  7. Ooooh. New stamps, new art toys. That's a great topic for memo monday.

  8. Wow, that's quite a lot of cruising. That stamp is adorable!


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