Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Memorandum Monday (except it's Tuesday!!)

I'm a day late for Sian's Memorandum Monday but I have a good excuse and a note from my Mum!!

The weekend was spent getting prepared for a fundraiser that I did yesterday for Children With Cancer Fund.  I had cards to put inserts in and package up and lots of baby chicks to finish stuffing and sewing up.  In fact I was so busy I never took any photographs of what I was up to.  I did take a little break on Saturday evening to visit Mum and Dad though and we watched Saving Mr Banks as there was nothing on TV.  I'm not sure Dad was overly impressed with Mum and I singing along to all the songs LOL!!

Anyway Monday was a busy day and a new fundraiser for me, I usually do one in September with Christmas cards at my parents' home.  This time we sold mainly Easter cards plus knitted goods, post it note pads, tissue covers and other cards.  We did really well and raised £97 with our stall and over the course of the morning I was given a further £190 in donations from individuals and groups.

Here are all my ducks in a row

And some of my Easter cards (I will share them soon on the blog) and the other knitted toys we had.

So I'm now having a bit of chillout time and planning what I can make for my next fundraiser - I sold all the post it note pads, so they are next on my list!!


  1. Fantastic! I'm delighted that it was such a success. Well done you.

    I hope you get a well deserved bit of relaxation just for you this week

  2. You have certainly being very busy & well done selling out of some of the crafts. Your cards look a treat.

  3. Yay for your fundraising efforts. And kudos for having your ducks in a row after being so very busy.

  4. Oh I love Saving Mr Banks! Well done on the fundraising that's a fabulous amount x


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