Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Memorandum Monday

It will be Tuesday by the time I have finished typing and uploading this - but hey better late than never LOL!!  It is that time of the week when we go and give Sian a wave over at From High in the Sky and report on our weekend and anything new (done or learnt).

It was a bit of a baking weekend - no new recipes, but a tried and tested Dundee cake and it is now safely in the freezer away from Mr P who is somewhat possessive over Dundee cakes.  It is for our crafty weekend away next week.

I made a Mother's Day card but I can't show you that yet and I made my table gifts for next weekend. This is all I can show you sneaky peakwise!!

Really not giving much away at all LOL!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting my parents and doing more work for the Easter fundraiser.

So Monday started off well and then whilst having breakfast I broke a tooth - I didn't procrastinate and got straight onto the dentist and will see him on Wednesday - which is a good job as another piece broke away this evening during dinner - oops.   The rest of the day was spent starting to pack things up for the crafty weekend - priorities right - the wine is the first thing to get packed!!

I made some cranberry and white chocolate cookies for the weekend

And prepped some more toppers ready for making Easter cards next weekend

So have a great week everyone, I have dinner out with a friend tomorrow to look forward to (picking something soft off the menu hopefully!!) and then a date with Plamen the Dentist on Wednesday (it doesn't have the same ring as Darren the Dentist - Sian!!) Then after that it is full steam ahead to finish my baking and get everything packed for the weekend - full update on that will follow next Monday!!


  1. Best of luck at the Dentist! Is there anything guaranteed to produce a sinking feeling any faster than feeling a bit of tooth or filling in your mouth! Such a downer!

    I do love a Dundee cake. Now if I can just work out a way of getting it from your freezer to mine..

    It sounds like you had a really crafty, busy weekend Karen. Have a great week

  2. Hope the dentist visit went well! That cake looks fab!


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Karen xx

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