Monday, 16 May 2016

Memorandum Monday

No sooner has one Monday gone then another one arrives in its place - so it is time to give Sian a wave over at From High in the Sky and report on my weekend.

Saturday was the Eurovision Song contest - so in line with family tradition I joined my Mum to watch it.  We don't take it seriously - it is always quite a giggle and we enjoy Graham Norton's funny commentary.  A special touch was asking everyone to raise a glass to Sir Terry Wogan at song 9, luckily we had just refilled our glasses with Prosecco.

Sunday found me busy crafting - I had a wedding card commission to finish (I will share very soon) and then I decided to get messy with Brushos - I haven't made any backgrounds in ages and I have depleted my stock of them.  So the kitchen and lounge looked like this - good job Mr P was at work and wasn't around to witness the mess - luckily I always put down loads of plastic so it is an easy job to clear away.  Empty pizza boxes that previously contained scrapbook supplies make a very good base for doing the messy crafting in!!

My next job is to overstamp these and gradually turn them into cards.

Monday seems to be a day for receiving happy post, first up I took delivery of these lovely notebooks - I'm planning to keep a travel journal on our grand Scottish road trip in June and a book with gridlines appealed - it made sense to avoid postage charges to order two and whilst looking up journal ideas I stumbled across a thing called bullet journals - hmmmm I think that second journal might come in very handy.

And the second bit of happy post was a lovely birthday goody bag from my dear friend Fine Bear Ted - he celebrated his 21st the other week and this is him with the card that I made for him.

The goody bag contained lots of sweets, a cake (which Mr P took to work), some novelties and a rather fetching pair of monkey sunglasses.

If we get a decent summer I will wearing the glasses a lot!!

Have a great week everyone - I will be making more holiday plans and getting ready for an imminent trip to Yorkshire.


  1. You did get the Brushos out then :) I'm smiling at your gloves and all the other precautions you took. I just slapped a non stick craft mat down on the kitchen table for the spraying/sprinkling area and a glass mat for using the heat gun. It was so much fun. Shame we have to eat!

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing about your holiday..maybe you'll find Jamie?

    Your backgrounds look fab. I love the idea of having a stock of them instead of having to get the pizza box out every time you want to make one.

    Hope your week is a good one

  3. Your card backgrounds look like they were so much fun to create. I too am hoping for a sunny summer & I would certainly be rocking those sunglasses. Teddy card - wow.


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