Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Memorandum Monday - the edition with a coffee cake, crop and new snuggly dressing gown

Well I have just realised that I haven't blogged my Memorandum Monday yet and as I am still up as I can't sleep because I am full of a stinky cold, I will get on and blog now rather than waiting for the morning.

We had a lovely long weekend as Mr P had five days off from work.  Friday we took my parents to visit my Uncle in Rye Hospital - he isn't doing too well at the moment so we keep everything crossed that he will pick up soon and get back to his old self.  It was a dreadful day weather wise and the roads were a nightmare coming home with torrential rain and flooding on the marsh roads and yes there were those loony drivers that had to keep overtaking because they are in a hurry to get to the mortuary!!

Saturday saw the second crop for our new crafting group - we have gone from being the craft group with no name to the Seaside Crafters - the hall we meet in is off of Seaside and most of us at the group are Eastbournians so live by the sea.

I rustled up a coffee and walnut cake for us -

I had a break from scrapbooking and got stuck into Christmas cards as I am replenishing my stocks ready for my next fundraiser which is only two weeks away.  I got fourteen cards made and die cut a load of images ready for more cards -

 Sunday we had a nice quiet day at home, we were both starting to develop our colds.  I got the sewing machine out and made a pile of Christmas themed tissue covers - for my fundraiser and for our WI when we have a stall at our village Christmas Fayre

And Monday found us spending the day in town finishing our Christmas shopping.  I still need to get a few online bits and pieces but otherwise it is all done, I try to get done before the end of November as trying to negotiate the crammed stores in December in a wheelchair is just no fun.  I treated myself to a lovely new snuggly dressing gown - it is damson faux fur and is the softest cuddliest dressing gown I have ever had and it has a hood for extra snuggliness -

I will quite happily spend the rest of the winter living in my new dressing gown LOL!!

Please go and give a wave to Sian over at From High in the Sky who is in charge of Memorandum Monday.  Have a great week and fingers crossed by next Monday I will be a little less snotty!!


  1. Not sure which I would want to grab at first, that delicious looking cake or that warm & cozy dressing gown. I like those tissue covers. This year there seems to be more Christmas markets than ever before, I am going to keep any eye out for tissue covers! Great stocking stuffers.

  2. It was a lovely cake :-) Finishing Christmas shopping?? You are so organised :-)

  3. Well I can certainly appreciate the value of the snuggly dressing gown as I have spent most of today wishing I'd stayed in mine. The cold has struck here too! Hope you feel better soon and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your Uncle too x

    Oh, and great job on that Christmas shopping


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