Tuesday 24 January 2017

Memos, Mail, Me on Monday - the Arundel retreat edition

It has been a lovely but tiring weekend - Wendy and I spent it with a load of other crafters at a beautiful hotel on the outskirts of Arundel.  There was plenty of lovely food, prosecco, wine, chocolates and lots of crafting going on.  I completed another three layouts from the to be finished pile and did another 6 layouts from scratch plus made four cards and decorated a bag for a challenge. It was just so lovely to chill out and not be distracted by home stuff and be able to totally focus on craft stuff.

We didn't travel very light - this was just my stuff -

The hotel -

The crop room -

Our table and my lovely tidy working space -

And as we didn't get any car shots before we left, we did them on the way home -

Hopefully soon I will get some decent light to photograph my layouts.  But in the meantime some of the week's mail.  Some of the happiest mail is managing to find two pairs of slippers online - big deal you may say - but Mum and I both have the same foot condition and have to wear orthotics, which are impossible to wear in slippers.  We both love Rohde shoes and their mules have a built in arch support, but since the factory shop closed  in the UK it is very hard to find a retailer in the UK, especially as I am a size 3.  I periodically do a little search online and was thrilled to find a stockist that not only had Mum's size but mine too - so that is a present sorted for Mother's Day (and don't worry Mum is not online so she won't see this!!)

And the mail that I will be sending out this week is sending out the annual newsletter to the Friends of Children with Cancer Fund, so I had better get back to stuffing envelopes.

Hope you have a great week, if you get a chance go and say hello to Sian over at From High in the Sky and see what the other Mondayers have been up to.


  1. That sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend :) I can't wait to see some of your pages.

    And the post sounds pretty satisfying too. I have very small feet too, with a troublesome bump on one foot and a while back I discovered a blog called "Comfortable Shoes for Women" which isn't in the UK but is still interesting for ideas. Sorry if I've told you this before: I tell everyone lol

    Wishing you a great week ahead

  2. I envy you that wonderful weekend. We've been trying to get my mum some special slippers, recommended by the physio so I know how satisfying it can be when they arrive.

  3. Hi, I'm in the US and reading the Memo Mail Me posts as I plan to join in too...I haven't been to a crop in years so your post made me long for one...I look forward to seeing your layouts. AndI'm glad Sian commented on the shoe size...I was wondering whether 3 was small or large; glad you found some shoes for you and your mum.


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