Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Memos, Mail, Me on Monday - the decorated bags edition

It was Monday when I started this blog post and then I got distracted by some emails and alas it is now Tuesday but never mind I will still sneak this in as a Monday post LOL!!  As you know the drill - on Mondays we check in with Sian at From High in the Sky to share about our weekends, look ahead for the week and share our mail.

It was a fairly quiet week as I try to shake off yet another cold and recover from last weekend's retreat.  I pushed on with getting all the charity newsletters ready for the post - I should have photographed them all when I was finished but I forgot so these are all that are left to go in the postbox (I had about treble this amount but they can't go to the postbox all at once as it is just a small one in the wall of the old railway station)

 In an effort to try and boost my immune system I am adding in some other supplements to give myself a boost.  I eat lots of fresh veg and fruit but it doesn't seem to be doing me much good at the moment.  I also take vitamin C, B and echinacea and was reading that vitamin D plays a big role in immunity and many of us are deficient - so am going to try adding in some vit D to see if that helps.

As a little pick me up I have treated myself to a new nail polish from the new OPI Fiji collection.  I love blue and grey nail polishes and 'I Can Never Hut Up' ticks all the boxes for me, it is a lovely grey with a blue shimmer through it.

I spent the weekend catching up with my parents and making a start on some decorated bags.

Right I will make this all for now and go and give Sian a wave.  I have the first WI meeting of the year and a trip into town to look forward to this week.  Hope you all have a great week with lots of lovely things in the mail!!

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  1. I hope you have a lovely week too. My Mum is a great believer in the powers of vitamin C..she's always telling me to take some more. I've heard that Vitamin D helps relax muscles and relieve stress, so it can't do any harm to give it a go :)

    Well done on that envelope stuffing


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