Monday, 13 February 2017

Memos, Mail, Me on a Monday - the edition with yet another band t shirt

Yay if I get on with this post it looks like it might appear on my blog whilst it is still Monday - lets keep everything crossed that my photographs play ball when I try to upload them!!

It was a cold but quiet weekend - Mr P was mainly on lates so I was left to potter about quietly on my own.  It was a weekend of recovering from round one of root canal work and hypothermia.  The root canal work wasn't as bad as people suggested it might be but on my return home I got locked out of the house for 45 minutes and I had no gloves.  It was all Mr Ps fault - he went for a shower leaving his keys in the door.  This meant that the front door can't be opened and with the bathroom being at the back of the house and the fan heater going it meant that he didn't hear my frantic banging on the front door and the continual ringing of the phone till he finally came out of the bathroom (and it was shave day so he was an extra 20 minutes in there!!).  My poor hands were the same navy blue as my coat by the time he let me in, but don't worry he is doing penance and as luck would have it the details came through that afternoon of the 2018 Arundel retreat and he agreed there and then that I should go on it LOL!!!!!

Apart from spending Saturday evening with my parents, we watched the third Hunger Games film on DVD (we will watch the final one next week), I spent the weekend at home, mainly crafting and working on some Valentines cards - here's a sneaky peek of what you might see on the blog tomorrow -

This week was a quiet week for crafty mail but I did receive my monthly Birchbox -

Some more lovely pamper treats to try and the small sizes make them handy for packing for holidays and weekends away.

I also got another Marillion t shirt - you would think that I had enough by now, with over 20 hanging in my wardrobe but I just had to have this raspberry pink one.  The ladies tour shirt at the end of last year was a beautiful teal coloured one but it sold out really quickly so they had to quickly get some more but couldn't get that colour so got pink and purple instead.  I had emailed the band's website to find out if they had any left in the alternative colours and as luck would have it they did have a pink one left in my size.  So this little beauty dropped through the letterbox at the end of the week, it will definitely be worn at this year's conventions!!

I had better wrap this post up before it becomes Tuesday with a reminder for you to drop by Sian's blog From High in the Sky to give a wave to Sian and see what she is up to this Monday.

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. That's a great story of bad timing and good timing: the good timing being the news of the retreat arriving when you needed it. Result!

    I do love a band t shirt. Ultimate question: do you wear them? or just hang them up reverentially, which is what I do?

    Wishing you a great warm handed week.

  2. What a lovely colour. Band t-shirts seemed to only come in black in my gig attending days. Have a great week.

  3. Ooo, I am glad you weren't out there for much longer - you need those hands in tip top shape for crafting. The Birch Box looks like fun; but I never seem to get around to using the samples I pick up now. Have you had a favorite discovery from the Birch Box?


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