Monday 27 February 2017

Memos, Mail, Me on a Monday - the edition where I pretend to be uber organised

It is time for my weekly round up of the weekend and the mail received and to join up with Sian over at From High in the Sky.

The weekend sped by - I have yet another cold (despite taking every supplement to boost and turbo charge the immune system known to man) - we think this is cold # 9 since the beginning of December.  I am beginning to get seriously fed up with having a red nose, sore throat and chesty cough - it is getting so boring now.  On Saturday evening I went out with a load of the office staff and volunteers from Children with Cancer Fund for a lovely Italian meal - I dosed myself up with Lemsip and felt vaguely human for a couple of hours.  It was lovely to catch up with everyone as I mainly work from home with the work that I do for them, so it was nice to go out and feel like part of the team.  Of course being a dreadful scrapbooker I didn't take a single photograph LOL!!

Sunday was then spent getting ready for next weekend's crafty getaway to Hereford with a load of crafting friends.  We have a passenger in the car this year so I can't just grab a bag of dies, a box of stamps, a bag of punches and a huge pile of cardstock/patterned paper and wing it like I normally do, this year I need to be disciplined and restrained with my packing.  So I have made up loads of card kits - die cutting my pre-coloured stamped images and their mats and pairing them up with papers and cards.  I used the lounge floor to lay them all out and make sure everything was paired up properly.  I lost count after a while but I think I have enough to make about 60 cards - that should be enough for a weekend I hope!!

I also prepared a huge pile of sentiments to save me having to pack sentiment stamps -

And today I started on packing my holdall - I am hoping to have everything packed by tomorrow night as a friend arrives here on Wednesday to travel with us and I want to spend time with her, not doing the packing.

This might come as a shock but I didn't have anything nice in the post at all this week - I didn't even have any bills, it was a very boring week mail-wise.

Well I am going to get on as I am now going to finish packing up the small craft tote with all my tools, scissors and adhesives in.  Have a great week everyone and hopefully next week I will be able to show a huge pile of cards that I made at the weekend.


  1. 60 cards for a weekend? You're a machine! I hope you have a wonderful time and that cold clears up. I get teased here because I like the taste of lemsip so I'll down one at any opportunity :)

  2. Well done on the packing!!! 60? You'll breeze through 60, best take a magazine as well..... LOL. Have a great time :-)

  3. I'm late getting around and hoping your cold is cured and your getaway was crafty.


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