Monday 20 March 2017

Memos, Mail, Me on a Monday - the Pink or the blue arsed fly edition - take your choice!!

Hello I am still here - alive and kicking!!!!  Just barely any time to blog at the moment, even though I want to  But I am busy in a good way - lots going on with the parents at the moment plus uber-busy-ness for myself too.  The first convention of the year is looming, I have been baking for Queen and country - I swear we have no real food in our freezer at the moment - just cakes LOL!!  

And I have another retreat coming up as soon as we get home from convention #1 and a break in the Netherlands.

So first all of what has the post yielded this week - well there was this - can a girl ever have too many scarves???  The answer to that question is a big fat NO!!!!!!!  There is no such thing as too many scarves and to prove it I now have a pink scarf with flamingos on - it will match the new hair!!

 I resolved end of last year to only buy one stamp set from each new Penny Black release this year - I broke that resolution this week!!!!  The new release was divine and I narrowed it down to two sets and three cling stamps in the end - ooooops but they are all so lovely and I know I will use them lots and lots!!

And it is also the time of the month when we get our monthly Birchbox - a lovely selection this month, I think I will use everything in the box this time.

And on to today, I have mainly been blonde since I was 16, apart from the odd flirtation with auburn and some red streaks over 7 years ago, I have pretty well stuck with the same blonde highlights.  So this month I fancied a change and thought that convention time was as good a time as any to have a complete change and I fancied pink - I didn't want fluorescent pink or candy floss pink but something that would last more than one wash - so this is how it turned out -

It will fade down to a much softer pink after a couple of washes and I think I like it, I do a double take in the mirror at the moment LOL - and tonight under artificial lights it looks more red than pink, in fact Mr P even called me Ging-er earlier - he likes to live dangerously LOL!!!!!

The rest of today has involved deciding what Marillion t shirts to pack for the convention - I only have a couple to choose from!!!!  (There are about 10 t shirts missing from this photo) - I will get it down to about 8 eventually!!

I also need to finish these as gifts for so many of our friends - the now traditional convention chocolate sets -

But I did finish some special gifts for some of my friends that I am sharing a cottage with -

But I must dash now - my packing is calling me, I need to have most of my stuff and all the foodstuff packed by tomorrow evening and my to do list is growing by the minute.  If you get a moment go and say hello to Sian over at From High in the Sky and if you have time please join in with us Mondayers.


  1. great hair!! those bags look fabulous :-)

  2. You sound in great form: that hair is definitely suiting you! And what do you mean? Isn't cake real food? (as long as it's one of your Dundee cakes that is)

    Wishing you a great week ahead


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Karen xx

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