Saturday, 8 May 2010

Pendragon, Stroud and Christmas cards

Well what a busy couple of days we have had - stayed up till 3am watching the election results come in and was able to sleep soundly as our Lib Dem MP retained his seat.  Then up at 9am to go to Stroud, nr Gloucester to see Pendragon in concert.  I am a recent fan of this band - R has been listening to their music for over 20 years but only got to see them in concert last December when we went to Leamington for their Christmad gig.  So when I spotted that they were doing a very short UK tour this May we jumped at the chance to go and see them and the one that worked the best with R's roster was Stroud.  We never mind clocking up the miles to go to a gig and we can usually find a Premier Inn to stop over in close to the venue.  We arrived with time for a soak in the bath and a meal before heading into Stroud to find the Sub rooms.  A beautiful venue with very friendly staff and very helpful - as usual with a standing gig I had to go in the wheelchair but it was no problem as even though it was a really old building the whole place had been made chair accessible.  The manager gave us a guided tour as it was our first visit and then introduced us to Boris the doorman on the entrance/exit that we had to use for the lift/chair accessible entrance.  Pendragon did not disappoint, it was a great gig - nice and loud, lots of good banter between the band and crowd and I had sore legs, feet and arms this morning so I must have had a good time 'dancing' in the chair.  Unfortunately as R was working today we had to have an early breakfast and get back home.  The unpacking is done so I suppose I should now get on with some crafting.  I have been asked to make 14 cards for a friend - I made a good start on them last weekend so ought to try and get them finished this weekend so that I can post them  next week to her.

Last weekend was a crop weekend and my friend Sy came down from London to stay on the Saturday.  We had an enjoyable day eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts (a first for me, but doubt I will eat them too often as Sy did happen to mention that some of them contained a heart attack inducing 20g of fat!!!!!!), crafting and then watched New Moon whilst eating icecream.  I made a few Christmas cards - I try every month to make some as I have over 100 to send myself each year and I like to make some to sell for Children with Cancer Fund a local charity that I do secretarial work for and I try to do a little fundraising for them each year.  Here is a small selection of some of the cards that I made -

All of them are made using Penny Black stamps (one of my favourite brand of stamps) except for the snoopy one - I just love that stamp and think I will use that one rather a lot this year for my cards.

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  1. glad you had a ball, and well done on all the beautiful cards :) Love PB stamps too


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