Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sarah's Cards April Sketch challenge

I try most months to do the sketch on Sarah's Cards blog. This is what I have done for the April sketch, using April's kit.

As usual I showed it to R for his opinion - his thoughts on this one is that there is too much cardboard showing LOL!

A close up of the bottom half of the layout -

And I have discovered now how to add several pictures with text inbetween them - you have to go to settings and change post editor to the updated edition and then it will put your photos where your cursor is!


  1. beautiful lo, and lol at R's finesse at the lo

  2. It is lovely Karen! Ask your DH has he never heard of white space? My DH always looks rather perplexed when I ask him if something looks better this or that way because it is all pretty much of a muchness to him! :D Thanks for the tip about the post editor, I have always managed fine with my pictures although it can be a pain when you are adding loads but I will give that a try and see if it is easier.

  3. love the layout, I did mine in the same kit.

    your on a roll now and I will have to play about with the settings x

  4. Hi- love the LO, I've seen it in the flesh! :) As for the photos, you can cut and paste them to change where they are. I do that on mine, but I've heard some people say it doesn't work for them. Try it out!

  5. Beautiful layout Karen, how very cool that you have a blog now. I'll definately pop by and see what you are creating. Niki xxx

  6. Love your take on the challenge Karen and what do men know lol. Looks great with the two photos.

  7. Gorgeous LO! Thanks for taking part in the challenge, and thanks for the tip! :)

  8. Lo looks fab and editing sounds alot easier your way;) as for the other thing..... well i might but you have to bring loads of choclick cake:-D


  9. Coffee cake is just as good! with or without walnuts??? either way its good with a big fat latte too:-D


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