Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dizzy Dots go Mad in Herefordshire - Part Three

These are the lovely ladies that make up the Dizzy Dots

Our lovely leader Lynne (who was also my chauffeur for the weekend and my roomie- thanks Lynne!)

Jules who found us the lovely barn to stay in and organised all the finances

Tara who very quickly became chief entertainments officer, she never fails to make me laugh

The lovely Helen

The lovely Dee

The lovely Em

The lovely Diane (who is joint with Dawn as the quietest Dizzy Dot)

The lovely Dawn, the other quiet Dizzy Dot

And moi, not quite the noisiest of the Dizzy Dots but possibly the one that chatters the most

Last but not least is our absent Dizzy,  Susie who lives in Bali - thankfully we were able to talk on msn with her on Saturday morning.  The only downside to the barn was the internet connection was not great.

Later I will share some of our group photos with you


  1. Karen that was a lovely tribute to all of us, especially showing dear susie who we did all miss :(

  2. How wonderful that so many of you ladies managed to get together looks like it was a wonderful weekend :)..xx


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