Thursday, 8 March 2012

The 2nd Annual Twilight Addicts Retreat

Last weekend was spent in a beautiful converted barn Meadow Barn in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside near Monmouth, with ten craft mad ladies and two gentlemen.

Last year we went to The Cotswolds but we were split between three cottages and had hardly any room to all craft together - Meadow Barn was so much better as we were able to spread out on long tables and have a die cutting station for all the machines and many dies that people brought with them.

Richard who stayed with us was hoping to do some walking over the weekend but as the weather wasn't that great he did computing work up on the mezzanine floor that overlooks the dining room and kitchen.

We managed to get outside on the Saturday afternoon for some group photographs - good job we did as the weather was dire on the Sunday.

And one last group shot on the Sunday morning before some people had to leave

Jess brought Vern with her as he loves a crafting weekend and this time he brought his friend Rodger the monkey to join in all the fun

It wasn't long before they were pinching all our crafty stash!!

And as always they wanted their photographs taken with everyone

Thank you Lisa, Heather, Ali, Tara, Jules, Fiona, Carin, Lee, Jess, Alun and Richard for a fab weekend - same time next year????

(Also thankyou Tara, Jess and Lee for taking so many lovely photographs of the weekend)


  1. That lot look complete nutters who would wanna head out into the wilds of Wales with a load of vampires and wolves....pretending to craft but all the time drinking up the villages lives....

    1. LOL Lee it was only you that went on the rampage - the rest of us behaved!!!!!!

  2. Absolutely Karen! Count me in :o)

  3. Great reminders of the weekend, luckily we're all nuts ...

  4. Looks like a really fab weekend, hope you and Richard are well and look forward to seeing you at Sarahs.

  5. Looks like you had a great time


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