Saturday, 3 March 2012

Twilight inspired wine glass charms

I am away for a weekend with some of the Twilight Addicts social group from UKS and thought I would make everyone a little gift.  I made everyone a wine glass charm so that we would all know which was our own glass for the weekend.

For those who are Team Jacob they had a bone charm

Those who are Team Edward had fangs or a bat

And those who were Team Both or Team Don't Care had an apple charm

I then stitched the charm to a small place setting card

And taped a small chocolate heart inside the card

I hope they like them!!!!

These were also my project for The Felt Fairy's Monthly Make


  1. Karen, they ARE beautiful! What a thoughtful gift, I bet they loved them. Hope you are having a super weekend.xx

  2. What a lovely idea and so beautiful they are too. I hope you have a fantastic weekend Karen, Luv Karen xx

  3. I loved mine and stuck it in my ear as soon as I could.... pmsl didn't realise it was a glass charm rofl!!!

    L xx

    ps DD nabbed DH's as soon as he went home!

  4. They're so pretty and such a good idea ... as for those charms, they're perfect! Thank you Karen.

  5. I loved mine :) Will be using it next time I crack open the wine so Tony doesn't drink mine by mistake!

  6. These charms are SO cute!! Can I ask you where you got the fangs charms? I'd really love them to make gifts for my Twilight-loving friends?? Thank you so much! If you could email me, my address is Thank you!!!!!


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Karen xx

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