Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ten Things on the 10th

It is amazing how quickly the 10th seems to come around each month and once again it is time to join in with Shimelle's 10 things.

I thought this month I would share my 10 favourite musicals - both Mr P and I love a good musical (though he is not so fond of some of the older ones that I like).  But we both agree that the best musical ever is

1.  Phantom of the Opera

I have seen it three times now and would happily see it again and again - it is a beautiful visual spectacle and the music is wonderful

2.  Les Miserables

I have been to see this four times now and each time I still weep buckets, thankfully I am never alone and my pack of tissues usually ends up being passed down the row LOL!!  I'm looking forward to seeing the film version of the musical once it is finished.

3.  The Sound of Music

This was the first musical I fell in love with - my Nan had the record and I played it all the time - for a brief spell I wanted to be a nun when I grew up LOL!!  A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to see Connie Fisher play the part of Maria when a touring production came to Eastbourne

4.  Blood Brothers

Another favourite of mine which I have seen several times and it is another real weepy one.

5.  Evita

I never got to see this in the West End but have been lucky to see it locally with touring productions, this will always be in my top 10.

My favourite song is High Flying, Adored

6.  Spamalot

This has to be the funniest musical I have ever seen - I took Mr P to see it in Brighton for his Christmas present last year - we are both Monty Python fans and found it hilarious, we were lucky to see Jodie Prenger and Todd Carty in it and can't wait until it is this way again as we would love to see it again.

7.  West Side Story

 An oldie but still an excellent one and a real weepie too.  I have lost count of how many times I have seen this one and I have the film on video too.

8.  We Will Rock You

We are both Queen fans so it was inevitable that we would go to see this - I took Mr P for his 40th birthday present and we enjoyed it so much that we immediately booked to go again the following month.  Definitely one to see if you like the music of Queen and don't take things too seriously.

We also discovered through seeing WWRY the amazing Kerry Ellis, she has an absolutely stunning voice - I don't think there was a dry eye in the house when she sang No-one but you.  Can't wait till December when we will see her in War of the Worlds.

9.  Miss Saigon

Are you beginning to see a pattern here that I like musicals that make me cry - it isn't intentional but I do tend to find the best musicals have some wonderful blubarama moments in them and Miss Saigon is no exception.  Sadly I have only seen this once though I play the soundtrack all the time - it is no longer in the West End and we haven't had any touring productions come this way.

10.  Oliver

Another oldie and yes a bit weepy too but it has a lovely happy ending LOL!!

So that is my ten for this month - sorry it is such a long post, I could easily have made it 20 musicals LOL!!  Looking forward to seeing what other ten's people have posted this month!!


  1. What a great 10 things. I was lucky to be taken to see Evita by my parents in the West End when I was a teenager. Since then I have seen loads - looking forward to The Lion King next year when it comes to Manchester :)

  2. Those are some great musicals! I love them but the hubby can't stand them :(

  3. What a fabulous 10 things :)
    my hubby & I are both musical fans & went to see Oliver only last week in Birmingham.
    If I had to pick a favourite, I'd say Evita & he would say Chess x

  4. i was only watching the 25th anniversary of phantom on channel 5 yesterday. i saw it many times and queued alot to see michael crawford back in the 80s and have seen it in bristol. i love the musical and my all time fave is Carousel........gotta love Rogers and Hammerstein.
    Jo xxx

  5. I would love to see a show in London. I bet it is amazing. I love the film of Oliver! and have seen that countless times.
    Fiona xx

  6. Great list! I've seen Phantom and it was phenomenal! I never get to New York anymore, but I did see the Lion King in Toronto and it was amazing. Maybe a trip to New York is in order! :)


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