Sunday, 21 April 2013

Marillion chocolates

Ooops I ran out of scheduled blog posts and only just noticed - bad me!!

Over the last couple of years I have made many friends on Facebook through some of the Marillion groups and I was very excited that this year I was going to meet some of them either in the Netherlands at the Port Zelande convention or in Wolverhampton at the UK convention. (As many of you know the PZ convention didn't happen for us in the end due to the dratted 'flu).  I wanted to make a small gift for some of my friends as a little memento of the weekend and just as a small token to say thanks for their friendship.  It needed to be something quite small that I could easily make lots of and also something a bit fun.  I then remembered these chocolate gifts that Helen from the Fiddle Fart blog makes and set about making some Marillion themed ones. 

I used some of the weekend artwork and artwork from the two albums that would be played over the weekend - Radiation and Brave.

I used a Stampin' Up scalloped circle punch and a CM circle punch to make the sandwiches for the Elizabeth Shaw chocolates.

Port Zelande chocolates showing the reverse -

Wolverhampton chocolates showing the reverse -

I used a SU ticket stamp and punch for my label.

I think everyone liked them - I wonder how many will actually eat their mints - if you are reading the best by date is August 2013!!  I just wish I could have made them for so many more people, so apologies if you didn't get one.


  1. what a fabulous gift Karen, so thoughtful xx

  2. That's a lovely idea. Well done, Karen

  3. I don't know how you are so organised that you have so many scheduled posts! Love the chocolates, what a fantastic idea, but you always make lovely gifts, I am sure everyone must have loved them :)

  4. What a lovely person you are; I'm sure these were so appreciated

  5. I love it!! Must give this a go sometime. :)


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Karen xx

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