Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Month in Numbers - March 2013

It is that time of the month again when I join in with Julie Kirk's My Month in Numbers and look back at March.

The month got off to a great start with 3 days away with a load of my crafting buddies from The Twilight Addicts social group on UKS.  10 ladies and 2 guys had a great time, eating, drinking and crafting.

Everyone hard at work -

Lee - my lovely table buddy -

How on earth did I manage to get 30 cards made on such a messy desk LOL!!

We all made our goodbyes on the Monday morning and we headed off home after dropping Lee off at the station.  Mr P hadn't felt very well during the night and had a bit of a cough that morning - on the way home he said he was feeling dreadful and went straight to bed as soon as we got in.  I got stuck into the unpacking and repacking as we were going away again in 3 day's time.  By Wednesday it was obvious that Mr P had a good dose of 'flu so I rearranged our shuttle tickets to the Friday to buy him 1 more day in bed - we could still make the Marillion convention by driving straight to the convention site in the Netherlands on the Friday morning instead of a leisurely drive over on the Thursday.  Oh dear!!!!!  That night I went to bed feeling a little bit unwell and by Thursday morning it was obvious that I had got 'flu too - after a few tears we knew that there was no way we could make the drive of 355 miles, about a 7 hour journey and so we sadly cancelled our places at the convention.

I spent the next 10 days in bed, we drank 9 bottles of Lucozade and got through 3 boxes of Kleenex as we slowly made our recovery.  There is no number for the amount of tears that I shed over missing the convention, I was so looking forward to spending 3 days in a Marillion bubble.

BUT the good news is that there is only 8 more sleeps until we get to go to Wolverhampton for the Marillion UK convention - please keep everything crossed that we stay well enough, we will be gutted if we have to miss this covention too.

It is never too late to join in with My Month in Numbers - Julie explains how to join in on her blog


  1. Oh Karen! I'm almost as disappointed as you were! I know how you were looking forward to it - what a let down.

    And I'm sending you all the positive healthy thoughts and cyber-vitamins I can muster! Take care and enjoy that UK convention!

    I've added you to the board now:

    A happy, healthy April to you!

    Julie :-)

  2. hugs love, hope you have a great time at the convention

  3. Sounds like a productive time at your crafty weekend.

    What a shame you missed your convention hope you are feeling better now

  4. Wow, I've just found ur blog from lookin on Pinterest :) I love it! When I saw u liked childhood neighbour was obsessed! lol It's like a blast from the past, hearing Kayleigh on repeat, how cool! Thx 4 that, I'll b back soon :)
    Have fun at the convention!

  5. Hoping you have a great time in Wolves and so sorry that you didn't get to know to PZ, glad you & Mr P are feeling better now tho


  6. Looks like one fun crafty adventure at least!
    Sorry about your good. :(

    Hope your next convention was fun!

  7. It was so sad that you missed out, but I really liked how you did your month in numbers

  8. Oh boy fancy getting sick just as you were off on holiday. Fabulous month of numbers

  9. Your March didn't end well but I hope your April goes much better! I enjoyed checking your Month in Numbers (even a bit late!)


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Karen xx

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