Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Month in Numbers - May

It is time once more to join in with Julie Kirk's Month in Numbers

May was a pretty busy month - we went away for 2 short breaks.  First one was to Leamington to visit R's family in Leicester and to see my 2nd favourite band after Marillion - Pendragon.

The 2nd trip was to Coventry so that R could go and see Rush at the NEC in Birmingham.  I went along for the ride and whilst he was at the gig I turned the hotel room into a craft room.  I was very productive that evening and got 24 cards made.

The room before I unpacked all my stuff
 Just set up ready for card making
2 hours, 2 chocolate bars and 1 small bottle of wine later

The next day before travelling home, we met up with 2 lovely friends from Coventry, who are fellow Marillion fans.

I was pretty productive during May and got 9 layouts, 21 cards and 16 Christmas cards made.

I also managed to do some reading and managed 3 books -

If you would like to take part in My Month in Numbers then take a look here which explains how to join in.


  1. Another busy one :) I never got on with the book, girl with a dragon tattoo, what did you think of it?

  2. Thanks for your visit. Tea bags? I am hoping to start on the project tomorrow...
    Will let you know. What a productive month, I love that you took stuff to make cards in your hotel room, that's dedication!

  3. I LOVE YOU!! ;) Even taking scrapbooking stuff with you :)You are worse than me :) LOL

  4. busy month :) Looks like a fun night for both of you at the nec :)

  5. You are a very productive crafter! Wooooow at the layouts and cards numbers. I´m a scrapbooker too, just on a non scrapping phase. :D
    How cool to have friends with the same musical taste.
    Btw, I was the one who counted the bottle caps. I love that kind of random data. ;)

  6. Looks like you had a good and very productive month Karen! :)

  7. Well, this post is everything I've come to expect when I drop by here ... all rolled into one: lots of crafting, lots of concert-going ... and crafting while someone else is at a concert is just the cherry on the cake!

    I *love* your 'pop-up'craft room! What a perfect spot of 'me time'!

    I've added you to the board now Karen:

    Happy rest-of-June to you!

    Julie :-)

  8. Wow, that is a heap of paper crafting for just one month.

  9. I have never set up my scrap supplies in a hotel room but it looks like you've mastered the exercise!!! And I am jealous of you having done so many Christmas cards already! :P

  10. You had a very productive month - I wish I coukd say the same. So jealous of the number of Xmas cards you have made! J x


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