Monday 10 November 2014

Me on Monday

It was a furniture shifting, packing up fundraising stuff, counting money, working out my orders, but mainly collapsed in a heap on the sofa with a glass of wine whilst watching Strictly and Downton kind of weekend!!

Friday saw me doing this in aid of Children with Cancer Fund

 It took a couple of days of furniture shifting and moving stuff upstairs to get the house ready for an all day open house.  So the best part of the weekend was spent putting everything back (well most of it, I still have some to do).  And catching up with sleep, I had lots of sleep to catch up with too!!  But it was worth it as so far I have raised £113 and there is more to come as I will be donating the commission from my next Avon order (looking like £30 at the moment) and I was given some orders for cards, earrings and more post-it note books so I should exceed my £150 goal.

So Monday is looking like this -

The laundry especially the ironing has been seriously neglected for over a week - so today is the day that I tame the beast back into submission - look out ironing monster I am coming to get you!!!!!!!

It was Sian From High in the Sky who started the Me on Monday - so if you are a Monday sharer go and give her a wave!!


  1. A great total Karen. Well done. I've been conquering the ironing mountain here this afternoon. It seemed like a rest after the spare room taming morning though!

  2. Karen, that's fantastic! What a great total..with all that excitement did it feel a bit like Christmas?! Have a great week

  3. That's brilliant ... Well done

  4. I would think the cleaning and tidying up would be the worst thing ... I am amazed you have the space and the capacity to do this year after year ... wonderful job!


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Karen xx

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