Tuesday 30 December 2014

Me on Monday

Whoops Mr Blogger didn't seem to want this post to go live yesterday, hopefully I've fixed it and it will go live now!!

The weekend was a busy one, a simple road trip from Sussex to Middlesex, just under 120 minutes said the sat nag.  Four and a half hours later after sitting in nose to tail traffic on the M25 we arrived at our destination, 90 minutes late for our meal.  Thankfully the pub was fairly quiet so we didn't lose our table.  Sunday was then spent quietly recovering from having sat so long in the car.

So today finds me getting ready for the New Year - a small gathering at my parent's flat, so today I am quiz researching, apparently I am in charge of entertainment.  I'm also in charge of mince pies so this has taken a big chunk of today.

This is the last Me on Monday of the year, so I will go and give Sian a wave over at From High in the Sky - Happy New Year everyone!!!


  1. Giving you a wave. That's a bummer about the traffic jam. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Those mincepies look fantastic - I love them. Yum. Have a great week Karen: see you in the new year

  3. Happy New Year to you too Karen, and thank you for the lovely kind comments you leave on my blog xx

  4. Ooh yummy those mince pieces look delish. I am sure they went down very well. Thank you for your lovely comments over at my side.
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Karen xx

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