Monday, 1 December 2014

Me on Monday

Hello Monday!!!!  And this Monday feels extra special because it is also the 1st of the month - I don't know why but I get a little bit excited about Mondays that are on the 1st but hey you knew I was weird anyway didn't you????? 

The weekend was full of more Christmas making, I still have a shortfall in my cards and I also needed to make lots of little boxes for my crop gifts.  But the weekend was broken up nicely by a trip to the ballet on Saturday evening with my Mum - this has become a pre-Christmas tradition in recent years and this year we supported a local youth ballet company and their production of Coppelia - it was beautiful, I last saw this ballet when I was 16 and had forgotten how lovely the music was. 

So this 1st of the month Monday finds me opening up the first window in this -

Mr P always gets me a choccy advent calendar each year and as it is now December I am officially allowed to play Christmas music LOL!!  So this Monday finds me giving this CD its first play - my dreams have come true and Marillion have finally released a Christmas album - now I can torture my family and friends all year round ROFL!!!!!!!!!!

Of course there is plenty of boring stuff too like ironing, laundry and doing a Monday roast (when Mr P works on a Sunday the roast always gets deferred to the Monday).

If you would like to join in Me on Monday then go and give Sian a wave over at From High in the Sky


  1. Your little gift boxes look lovely. I didn't bother with that board in the end, as I can make something very similar with the Envelope Punch Board. I do like the clever fastening on this one though.

  2. A Monday roast sounds like the perfect end to an excellent first day of the month. December sounds like it has got off to a great start at your house! have a lovely week Karen

  3. Well, you are the second person I know online who gets giddy about the 1st falling on a Monday. It sounds like it was a good one.


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