Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bold 2 in 1 Pearls

I have recently been product testing some of the new Bold 2 in 1 Pearls for the Savvy Circle.  I was given the Lavender & Chamomile variety, but they also come in Peony & Cherry Blossom, Hibiscus & Lime Blossom and White Lily & Lotus Flower.

 My tester pack contained a full size pack of Pearls, plus samples to give out to friends and family, along with a short survey and money off coupon for a future purchase.

The pearls were really easy to use, just put them directly into the washing machine, add your laundry and away you go!!  No need to add fabric conditioner or laundry scenting products as the pearls contain everything that you need for clean, soft and fragranced washing.  They also contain no bleaching agents so can be used on coloured loads too.  They can be used at low wash temperatures and I found they always dissolved properly without leaving any 'gunk' behind.

Wash-wise I would say that there were no better or worse than my current laundry products but the thing that really impressed me was the fragrance and just how long it lasts.  I took clothes away on a 9 day trip that had been washed the week before, they held the scent for the duration of the trip and even survived the two day trip home in a suitcase.  It was lovely to be able to hang the unworn clothes straight back in the wardrobe as they still smelt so lovely.  This is down to the 'perfume micro capsule technology' that makes the Bold 2 in 1 Pearls different.  These micro capsules attach themselves to the fibres of the fabric and then release their fragrance when they are touched.  My bedding and towels smell so lovely and I get a lovely waft of Lavender whenever I open the airing cupboard door now.  I also don't find the fragrance too overpowering - I was a bit worried before I tried them as some fragrances can make me feel quite ill.

I will definitely be buying Bold 2 in 1 Pearls again, if only for bedding and towels.  I fancy trying the Hibiscus and Lime Blossom variety next!!

For the purpose of this review I was sent the Bold 2 in 1 Pearls free of charge by Savvy Circle, all the opinions in the review are my own.


  1. It's lovely when you can still smell that freshly washed smell on clothing

  2. Well now, you have caught me in the middle of my holiday laundry so perfectly timed with a new suggestion. I'm always on the lookout for something which makes the best of our pretty rubbish machine


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