Monday 27 July 2015

Me on Monday

Sian is back from her travels, so this week I can visit her at From High in the Sky and give her a wave!!

The weekend was very blah weather-wise so it was nice to just stop indoors and do some cardmaking,

 Mess around with nail art and my new dotting tools

 Stitched and stuffed teddybears that my Mum has knitted for our fundraising - just their features left to do (maybe by next Monday I will have done that!!)

 So after a pretty lazy weekend, it was time today for my monthly bashing at the chiropractors. 

This is Albert who lives in my chiropractor's room, the other chiropractor at the practice likes to dress him up seasonally, so he is currently ready for summer (he's out of luck today as it is blowing a gale and is quite chilly)
The rest of my Monday is all about starting to sort out the 'room of doom' aka the boxroom where all my craft stuff lives.  I'm not going to show you any before photos, it is just too dreadful.  But I think I will just have another cup of tea before I start LOL!!


  1. Good luck! I'm gradually working through my own "room of doom" or the room of shame as it's know here!

  2. I fully understand and share your pain with your room of doom. I have one of my own lol. Good luck

  3. Best of luck with that: you aren't alone. I could never show a photo of the mess I work in. I should have tidied before I went away..

    Your nails are gorgeous. I love that colour.

    Have a great week Karen. Let's hope the weather starts to improves soon

  4. Great job on your nails. In our chiropractic/physio office we have only the spine not a full on Albert, I would like an Albert to dress up.


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Karen xx

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