Monday 16 November 2015

Me on Monday - The Blue Monday Edition

It's Monday so time to go and give a big wave to Sian over at From High in the Sky.  Today will be remembered for a long time but before I go into that I will just share the weekend.

It was a weekend of no photographs, a weekend of awful wet and windy weather, when I was grateful for mainly staying at home in the warm and dry.  I'm still working on a secret project that I will be able to reveal in just over a week's time.  I did venture out to watch Strictly on Saturday night with Mum and Dad and took a huge mending pile with me, which I completed - there is something very pleasing about fixing clothing rather than consigning it to the charity shop or recycling bin - I'm a bit of a thrifty old bird on the quiet!!!  Sunday was yet more staying out of the weather, more secret project work and rustling up a lovely roast dinner.

And so onto Monday, the day started out just fine, my Avon delivery arrived and I popped back to bed for a little while as I do have to get up rather early for the delivery.  Later just as I was about to start unpacking the Avon, the door knocker went and it was Hermes with my Wilko's parcel - we don't have one anywhere near here so about once a year I do a big order of all sorts of goodies.  As I started opening the parcel I realised I had blue ink on my hand and I straight away thought uh oh!!!! Remember I said I am a thrifty old bird??  Well about every two to three years I dye all my jeans back to a lovely dark blue colour, I can't stand faded jeans and would never get rid of them, I just dye them.  Wilko's have the best price on Dylon's jean machine dye at the moment so I had ordered two packs!!  I hastily moved the parcel from the lounge into the kitchen and this is what greeted me when I got the parcel properly opened.

One of the dye packets had developed a leak inside the parcel and everything was totally covered in this fine blue power - powdered dye that the slightest bit of moisture in contact with it, turned it into an indigo ink.  Of course the first thing that happened was I noticed that I had it all down my shirt - thank goodness (and I am not sure why) I put on a really old shirt this morning and intended to get changed before going out to my chiropractor appointment.  So goodness where to start - I rushed back to the lounge and hallway with the dustbuster and hoovered up the little bit that had come out of the parcel, then back to the kitchen to work out what to do next.  I wanted to get the packaging out into the garden so I removed one of the large storage boxes, washed it clean of the dye, dried it and started to fill it with all the damaged stuff.  Once again thank goodness for my thriftiness and I have a large pile of really old tea towels that are used for cleaning, painting and boat trips - they were great for mopping up and drying off.  I managed to rescue all the storage containers and clean them of the dye but everything else was ruined.

The next job was to ring Wilkinson's customer services and I must say they have been really great.  I sent them photographs of above plus this one of the empty box.

I explained that I had to go out so the lovely girl who was dealing with things promised me that if I got the photos sent to her before I went out, she would ensure that a manager saw them and would ring me back after 6pm.  Sure enough I got a phone call just after six, profuse apologies for the poor packing and sorted out what was damaged.  They are now going to resend my order less the storage stuff that I was able to save and clean up, plus will be sending gift vouchers as an apology/compensation.  So fingers crossed that all goes OK - I have finally finished disposing of the parcel contents and cleaning my kitchen back up - I was impressed with how well the dye came off of the floor.

And now I need to make a start on some of the things that I was supposed to be doing today like dealing with my Avon and more work on secret craft project!!  Have a great week everyone, mine can only get better after today!!


  1. ouch!!! hope you managed to get everything else done and that the replacement order arrives soon

  2. Oh Karen! That's a nightmare. It sounds as if you were very calm and collected under the pressure of all that blue, but the damage it could have done all over your house doesn't bear thinking about.

    Yes I'm a mender here too. And I always save the buttons of old shirts before getting rid of them once they are finally worn through.

    I hope the rest of the week isn't blue at all

  3. Secret Project? I'm intrigued. Blogging is difficult during the next two months of the year... I hope that it's still a surprise by the time you finish! Sounds like Wilkinsons has good customer service. Get some rest!!!

  4. Oh no! Fair play to their customer service.

  5. Well that's good customer service for you

  6. That could have been a real horrible incident had you not quickly figured out what the problem was (not discounting what a disaster it was). Does sound like excellent customer service. Being thrifty is quite a skill, especially in today's world where everything seems to be disposable.


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Karen xx

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