Tuesday 24 November 2015

Me on Tuesday - the winter offers up its first bite edition

Sorry I'm a day late this week - we were travelling home yesterday and I was just too tired when we got in to blog.  

It was a relaxing weekend spent in Wolverhampton, getting the Christmas shopping finished and meeting up with some of our lovely Marillion family.  It was a weekend of the first snow of winter, as we left the pub to do the short walk back to the hotel on Friday it was chucking it down.  Not sleety stuff but proper big fat white flakes!!  It got heavier and heavier but then at about 1 am it stopped and by morning it was glorious sunshine and it had all gone (though had gone south, as I checked Facebook I could see everyone at home either upset or excited by the first snow).  

Sunday was the reason for our little Midlands trip - as there are no Marillion Christmas gigs this year, some of us were doing a pre-Christmas meet up before seeing StillMarillion (Fish era tribute band) that evening.  As usual our meeting place ended up being a Wetherspoons with friends old and new travelling from all over to meet up - some even getting on planes from Germany and Northern Ireland to join in.

It was also the weekend when secret craft project was revealed - a birthday card for Tony which everyone was able to sign

(I will share detailed picture of the card later this week on the blog)

The gig was fab and I hoped that the really sore throat that I woke up with on Monday morning was due to too much singing but alas it wasn't - so not just the first snow of winter this weekend but my first lurgy of the winter too!!

So Tuesday finds me doing the unpacking, the weekly laundry and throwing Sambucol, Vitamin C and whatever else I can lay my hands on to defeat the lurgy!!

I'm now off to give Sian over at From High in the Sky a belated wave and find out what the other Mondayers have all been up to!!


  1. Looks like a great weekend, hope you feel better soon.

  2. I hope you feel a lot better soon. There are a lot of nasty bugs about this year I think.

    It sounds like a very enjoyable weekend indeed. I always love reading about your community of like minded fans. It sounds like one big family.

    Keep warm Karen and Get Well Soon

  3. Karen I do hope you are feeling better & that the Vit C is helping.

  4. What a great weekend and a fab idea for a card. We had a few flakes too as we were out for a meal we could see it coming down outside the restaurant window but it was gone by the time we left to walk home! Hope you feel better soon xx


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Karen xx

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