Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Memorandum Monday - yes I know it is Tuesday and I'm Late LOL!!!!!!

I just ran out of day yesterday to report on my weekend and the week ahead.  So here I am a day late with no note from my Mum dropping by to wave to Sian over at From High in the Sky.

It was a pretty busy weekend, things kicked off on Friday with getting up at 5.50 am to pick Mum up nice and early to take her to the hospital for her second cataract op.  Whilst she was busy seeing doctors, having drops put in and the op itself, I busied myself with sewing up these cuties for our Easter fundraiser.

I did have more than this but one of the nurses took a fancy to them and bought a couple of them. Anyway Mum's op went well and she has had a good weekend, just counting down the weeks now till she can finally get some new glasses.

Saturday we went to visit a friend in her new home, we only got lost once trying to find it and then we took her to a nice restaurant to celebrate he 50th birthday which she had had earlier in the week.

On Sunday I was slightly bitten by the spring cleaning bug so did lots of sorting out and putting away of stuff  - whilst doing that I found a bag of cross stitched pieces that have been done on various holidays and cruises.  They are now all backed with interfacing and waiting for me to turn them into cards.

And this week finds me getting ready for our spring retreat in a barn conversion on the Welsh border, I need to start making my table gifts (or rather the packaging to put my gifts in)

There is more baking to be done - so far I have a coffee cake and mince pies in the freezer, I think I will make a Dundee cake next.   And I am still in the mood for Spring cleaning and organising, I did the main bedroom yesterday, today I am going to tackle the boxes where I store my ribbons.

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. It sounds like you've been wonderfully busy with fun enjoyable stuff (even the cleaning can be fun if you are in the mood to do it). Those cross-stitched pictures are wonderful.

  2. Glad to hear your mum is doing well

  3. Oh your cross stitch is pretty! It's going to make beautiful cards.

    I hope your Mum is making a good recovery. That was an early start you had; but I do like the idea of a couple of crafty sales while you waited. Good stuff!

    I hope the week is treating you well

  4. Glad your Mum's eye surgeries have gone well - I just cringe when I think about any thing being done to my eyes. We are back to the eye specialist for Mr Man's ongoing retina problems. Your cross stitch is lovely - that beautiful work certainly makes you glad of good eye sight :)


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