Monday, 1 February 2016

Memorandum Monday

And so another Monday rolls around and it is time to give Sian a wave over at From High in the Sky and report on what was new at the weekend or anything new learnt.

It was actually a pretty quiet weekend which was good after a few very manic ones.  I spent most of the time crafting and did a visit to my parents.  Mum and I are planning a new fundraiser - we are going to do a little Easter sale at the home where they live, so she is busy knitting chicks and ducks for me to stuff and sew up and I am planning Easter cards to make.

I did get a package of new music to listen to and a new book to read -

The book is by my friend Travis Little and I am sure it will be every bit as good as his last book Entangled.  The music is by Steven Wilson, we enjoyed the gig so much last week that we now need to catch up with older music of his, plus he has a new album just out so that was added to the package.

And this Monday brings a brand new month -

I just love it when a new month starts on a Monday, it just feels right and proper!!

So I hope you all have a good week, pop over to Sian's blog if you want to see what the other Mondayers are all up to.  This week I will be working out what my card requirements for the Easter fundraiser are and getting ready for my monthly scrap class and crop that all happen this week - so it will be a week full of craftiness - one of the best kinds of week!!


  1. Oh, yes! That certainly sounds like a good start to the week. I like the idea of an Easter fundraiser..I think you have the hard bit with the finishing off of the knitted projects, so I'm cheering you on. Have a good week Karen

  2. I know just what you mean, I like it too when the 1st of the month starts on a Monday x


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