Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Butterfly Afghan

Until its demise I always use to get Quick and Easy Cross Stitch magazine on subscription.  In 2007 a project appealed to me as one of my favourite things to cross stitch are butterflies.

I decided to work on a larger piece of fabric than the original project and to stitch 18 butterflies instead of the 12.  I will repeat 6 of my favourite butterflies.  The plan is for the afghan to go in our bedroom which is blue, I think it will look nice on our bed.

So how is the project progressing which was started in January 2008 - well it got off to a good start!  The original plan was to stitch one butterfly per month and to have it finished in 18 months but that plan fell apart after five months.  So to date I have completed 10 butterflies and have started butterfly no 11.

Here is how it looks right now -

Over my next few blog posts I will show you the butterflies in detail and in future I will be able to share my progress with the remaining 8 butterflies with you all - maybe that will spur me on to make sure this WIP doesn't become a UFO!!!


  1. Finger's crossed Karen :) Looking good so far :)

  2. looks gorgeous, look forward to seeing it when its finished!

  3. Wow Karen, this is simply stunning work. You have SUCH patience. I would love to see this IRL when its done.xx

  4. Hey that's my bed!!! :) LOL...

    The afghan's coming along great!!!


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Karen xx

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