Tuesday, 24 August 2010


When I am cardmaking and scrapbooking I tend to get on, start projects and get them finished straight away.  But I am not so good with other crafts like my knitting, tapestry and cross stitch.

Last night I was talking with other crafting friends about my UFOs (Unfinished Objects) and I referred to one of my long-term projects as a work in progress (WIP).   So what makes a project a WIP rather than a UFO - well for me if I get it out and work on it every now and then it is a WIP but if it gets put away and forgotten about or I procrastinate about finishing it then that is a UFO.

I have several items that are long term UFOs -

An Aran sweater that was started in 2004 or 2005, I only have the sleeves to finish but since suffering with RSI in both wrists knitting has been difficult.  I have bought some special gloves that are supposed to support the hands and wrists whilst knitting but haven't got round to trying them out yet - what am I like??

Three tapestry pieces waiting to be made up into cushions, I stitched these between 1994 and 1998 and I have all the backing fabric so why haven't I made them into cushions yet????

And this is the famous cross stitch round robin that Wendy and I organised a few years ago - just the mention of this round robin is enough to make me break out into a sweat and send my blood pressure sky high as it was fraught with problems.  I am sure it was because of this round robin that I now stay away from circle journals and other swaps in the craft world.

I have stitched the title and dates in the two empty boxes (just not got round to photographing yet) and it is now awaiting framing - will it go up for this Christmas or will it wait for another one?

Tomorrow I will show you my main WIP - the butterfly cross stitch afghan, this project is in danger of becoming a UFO but today I have dragged it out to photograph it.

And NESYs - well they are the Not Even Started Yet projects - yes I have a big stash of wool and patterns waiting to become jumpers and cardigans, I have tapestry kits and cross stitch kits galore and piles of mini books and albums waiting to be filled.  It is about time someone invented the 8 day week please!!!!!!!


  1. better get cracking then Karen, there is a fair amount to do....lol......but then I can talk :) :)

  2. You have a wide range of creative talents don't you Karen! So, which project are you planning on finishing first then?..xxx

  3. I really like the pansy tapestries. They're fab! You could put them on the sofa when you're done! :) I look forward to seeing them someday... in my lifetime please... :o


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Karen xx

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